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"I'm not sure if anyone or anything can kill anything music-related from Apple right now--or even give it a serious flesh wound. But Songbird is a new open-source music player, built on some of the same code as Firefox, that aims to change how people think about online music. This Windows-based program is rather iTunes-like in look, feel, and functionality. (Actually, it's incredibly iTunes-like: Sometimes, imitation is the sincerest form of open-source development.) But rather than hooking into one online music source--Apple's iTunes Music Store--Songbird aims to talk to lots and lots of them..."

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Blogger Enbe said...

Första releasen dock. Just nu bara för Windows men kommer strax för OS X och Linux m.m.

9:02 fm

Blogger Onkel J said...

Jag avvaktar tills den kan konvertera CD till MP3 och hantera podcast-prenumerationer.

9:36 fm

Blogger Enbe said...

Vem vet, den kanske kommer stödja din mp3-spelare.

11:35 fm


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