Allt det där din mamma varnade dig för...



I saw Casshern last night and I was hugely disappointed. Maybe it was the trailer lead me to expect something else or maybe I not all that used to asian cinema as I thought.

The pacing switches between mega-intense-anime-kick-ass-action and *yawn* I'm-bored-out-of-my-skull-slow. The latter seems to take up the major part of the movie. I almost fell asleep at 8 PM, for crying out loud!

I totally get the message: Noone is all bad or all good. War is bad. Power corrupts. And a lot of dead people become a life force that fly through the universe and hit a planet like a stone lightning!?!?

What about the visuals? Everything looks great, but the styling changes so much between scenes that you wonder if it's the same move. The makers of Casshern could learn alot from Jean-Pierre Jeunet. There's too much styling (yes, there is such a thing).

I want my two hours back.