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Vaccination elicits long-lasting protective immunity against breast cancer

By using the natural rejection reaction that happens when you transplant tissue that is alien to the body scientists at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg Sweden has developed a potential vaccine against cancer.

Here is a quote from the abstract_cancervaccin.pdf:
Results: Four out of 5 (80%) non-vaccinated rats and 2 out of 5 (40%) rats given prophylactic vaccinations with tumor-loaded allogneic vaccine cells developed subcutaneous tumors within 3 weeks. In rats given prophylactic vaccination with NAS-treated and tumor-loaded vaccine cells only one out of 5 (20%) rats developed a tumor. This immunity was long-lasting since challenge of tumor-rejecting rats with new tumor-cells 6 weeks later failed to induce any tumor growth. In the therapeutic setting all rats developed tumors but tumor growth was significantly reduced (p< 0,05) in rats given NAS-treated and tumor-loaded vaccine cells compared to controls.

Untreated and treated tumors

Conclusion: Our results indicate that NAS-treated allogeneic monocyte-derived cells may act as antigen carrier as well as a potent adjuvant in cancer vaccination.

The vaccine can be mass produced and frozen.

Pressrelease 051130.pdf

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