Allt det där din mamma varnade dig för...


Winamp v5.1 Leaked!!

The latest soon to be released version got accedentially leaked on winamp’s server. It was then removed from there, we @ F.T. got it just in the nick of time. Free download.

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Traveling in time now possible

Skicka e-post till dig själv i framtiden, fast räkna inte med något svar. Läskigt om man fick svar. :/

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The Movie Blog Audio Edition vol 36 is out!

This week, Doug Nagy and John Campea discuss the triumphant return of Mr. T in Rocky 6, Evan Almighty, the troubles over at Disney, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Terry Gilliam choked on Brothers Grimm and the myth that Indie Films are as good as Hollywood films. All this and a whole bunch more.

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Sooty is the man

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Hacka en hiss!

Om du håller nere "Stäng Dörr" och "våning" så går hissen in i "express mode" och stannar inte på någon annan våning även om fler vill åka med. Praktiskt.

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Dangerous Sports Club member Stella Young's brush with a roman catapult

Using a roman catapult to get airborne was not the best idea Stella ever had. But the pictures are hilarious!

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Hamster-powered phone charger

"Peter Ash, of Lawford, Somerset, attached a generator to his hamster's exercise wheel and connected it to his phone charger. Elvis does the legwork while Peter charges his phone in an economically and environmentally friendly way."

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Robot attacks Japan's Prime Minister

Japan's first mall-patrolling security robot, the T63 Artemis, took an instant dislike to Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi yesterday. A simple meet-and-greet experience was obviously too much

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Pocket Projectors Possible Thanks to New LED!

Osram has developed an LED that is 50x brighter than its predecessors. They say it can be used in pocket projectors that are no bigger than a pack of cigarettes!

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Maneter stänger kärnkraftverket i Oskarshamn

"A Swedish nuclear power plant shut down one of its three reactors Monday because of an abnormal accumulation of jellyfish in the cooling system."

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Wooden Mirror

The "mirror" consists of pixels made out of wood and they would rotate to create an image from a camera. There's a pretty cool movie, so check it out.

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Möss som regenererar hjärtan

"SCIENTISTS have created "miracle mice" that can regenerate amputated limbs or damaged vital organs, making them able to recover from injuries that would kill or permanently disable normal animals"

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Video: The Powerbook Apple didn't build!

It speeds! It runs cool! It lasts 6 hours on batteries! Here's the actual video of a Sony Vaio TR3A going from Windows XP to Mac OS X in three mins. You'll see dual-booting, experience the Mac OS startup time and finally, the operating speed on this 1Ghz Intel Centrino notebook. Video quality isn't perfect, but you can see how well it performs.

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Vetenskapsmän undersöker antiåldringsgen

Lev 30% längre med den här nya coola genen.

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Vetenskapsman gör stamceller av hudceller

Inga människofoster, ägg eller annat kontroversiellt. Nu kan påven äntligen sova lugnt.
[Skin Cells Converted to Stem Cells]

Spanska forskare skapar 20 Gigabits bredband

"As telecommunications providers are expanding their fibre optic networks ready for the next generation of broadband Internet services, researchers in Spain are developing technologies designed to overcome bottlenecks in the movement of data to increase capacity and speeds."

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HIV virus neutraliserat!

"Panacos Pharmaceuticals recent experiment with PA-457, an oral drug, has shown promising results in reducing the level of HIV in the blood."

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Deppig chimpans röker på

"A 26-year-old chimpanzee takes up smoking due to issues with the death of her second mate and one of her offspring. She began picking up butts near her cage and now is given whole cigarettes from time to time to keep her calm. Keepers are trying to gradually reduce her daily intake."

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Cybersex i World of Warcraft

En dvärg kommer på ett par night-elves som har cybersex! :D

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Ok. Nu gör vi ett nytt försök! Jag är tebaux och kommer förmedla roliga saker jag hittar på nätet, de flesta kommer gå genom är som Buzz, fast utan redaktör som censurerar, istället rankas varje "digg" efter hur många som röstat på den. För den som föredrar en sammanfattning kan ni kolla in

Duck Hunt + Doom = Duck Doom - Shoot 'em down DOOM style

Weird, stupid and pointless. I love it! Download the FULL GAME at this link.

"An overhaul upgrade to the original Duck Hunt, featuring new difficulty levels, graphics effects, remixed music & enhanced sound, the BFG-9000, and more!"

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