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Swedish Systembolaget's Flash movie letter to the EU

Perfect use of Flash in this "letter" to the President of The European Commission, José Manuel Barroso.

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Vaccination elicits long-lasting protective immunity against breast cancer

By using the natural rejection reaction that happens when you transplant tissue that is alien to the body scientists at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg Sweden has developed a potential vaccine against cancer.

Here is a quote from the abstract_cancervaccin.pdf:
Results: Four out of 5 (80%) non-vaccinated rats and 2 out of 5 (40%) rats given prophylactic vaccinations with tumor-loaded allogneic vaccine cells developed subcutaneous tumors within 3 weeks. In rats given prophylactic vaccination with NAS-treated and tumor-loaded vaccine cells only one out of 5 (20%) rats developed a tumor. This immunity was long-lasting since challenge of tumor-rejecting rats with new tumor-cells 6 weeks later failed to induce any tumor growth. In the therapeutic setting all rats developed tumors but tumor growth was significantly reduced (p< 0,05) in rats given NAS-treated and tumor-loaded vaccine cells compared to controls.

Untreated and treated tumors

Conclusion: Our results indicate that NAS-treated allogeneic monocyte-derived cells may act as antigen carrier as well as a potent adjuvant in cancer vaccination.

The vaccine can be mass produced and frozen.

Pressrelease 051130.pdf

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Our body's alarm clock

Ever wake up five minutes before your alarm rings? This mysterious phenomenon isn't just bizarre coincidence.

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Insane race through Paris back in '78

In 1978, the director Claude Lelouc put a gyroscope stabilized camera on a Ferrari 275GTB and filmed it being piloted by a professional F1 driver thru the streets of Paris. The footage reveals him running real red lights, nearly hitting real pedestrians, and driving the wrong way up real one-way streets.

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How to Detect Lies: Eye Direction and Lying

Talks about how "Visual Accessing Cues" can help in detecting a lie by looking at the person's eyes and which direction they move, depending if they are right or left handed, among other decide if it works or not.

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VLC Media Player 0.8.4 Is Out

This new release features many improvements including a new VLC cone, new Mac OS X wizard and extend controls dialogs, tree playlist skins2 support, HTTP interface CGI handling, linux binary codecs loader, UPnP and Bonjour service discovery, shoutcast stream forwarding, new languages.

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4GB DVD to 700mb AVI File Tutorial

Contains all necessary applications, directions, and steps. Step by step process. Even has a tutorial for adding subtitles. Very useful tutorial that really works.

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The Pong Clock

(also includes a Link to a QT movie) The Pong Clock plays a random game of Pong that goes on for 24 hours at a time � right side wins every minute, left side wins every hour. We�re scratching everything else off our list this year � this is the only thing we want.

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Paint.Net v2.5 out of beta, free for download

Fresh from the oven. Paint.NET is originally intended as a free replacement for the MS Paint software that comes with Windows, it has grown into a powerful yet simple tool for photo and image editing.

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Great 1920 x 1200 Wallpaper Images

It's tough to find high quality wallpaper images at 1920 x 1200 resolution, but these are some fantastic macro photographs.

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Why Do We Love Rounded Corners?

Cool article on why designers love rounded corners - interesting angle on interaction design.

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Possible Google-Killer?

Seek search engine could have some possible advantages over Google. Some features include a sidebar of sorts that further refines a search, say, if you were searching for "Gears of War" the sidebar would display "Previews" or "Movies" for that game. Also, each site comes with a thumbnail and the option to preview the website in a new frame.

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Chinese chickens beeing prepared for eating/export?

They start of by collecting dead chicken from different places. Cause of death unknown. The handling of the dead birds is disgusting. They actually paint the birds to give them the right tenderizing Charcoal Roasted Chicken-look.

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Frogskin condoms block HIV

The National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health has identified four new naturally occurring compounds that provide dual protection against sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and pregnancy.

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Azureus is out

The long awaited is out, grab it from the dowload page or use the auto updater to grab it from a torrent in azureus.

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Keep Track of TV Torrents with TVTAD

"TVTAD is an RSS feed reader with support for unlimited feeds. It will automatically download newly released TV episodes that have been added to your favorites." It's free and It works with any BitTorrent client (like uTorrent).

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A brutal awakening...

To make sure she really wakes up, try this! Life hack?

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The Niggar Family

Meet the Niggars...

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Cow case mod

The title says it all really.

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So, you wanna live forever?

There are several advances in the area of eternal life, and Swedish television just did a show on the subject. Here is what they had to say, in short:

Calorie Restriction - This will increase your lifespan with about 30%.

Not good enough says Aubrey de Gray. We should be able to live for 1000 years, the trick is to know what kind of damage is inflicted on your body by aging and find ways to repair it. He has singled out 7 kinds of damage. Oh, and there's 20 000 dollars for the one proving him wrong.

Swedish scientist Thomas Nystrom and his team has discovered a gene called Sir 2. When a "mother" cell reproduces it does not pass on it's flaws to it's "child". However if you remove Sir 2 it will pass on the flaws as well. This is a clue that might reduce age related damage on the body.

Cancer is very tough and can keep itself young forever because of the telomeres. Telomeres are the physical ends of linear eukaryotic chromosomes. Each time the chromosome splits in two, the telomeres are reduced. After 23 splits the telomeres are completely gone, and the cell dies. Cancer has found a way to renew the telomers and thus live forever. This ability has been transferred to human cells. Stemcells anyone?

Vetenskapamagasinet (30 min. Not dubbed. All the interviews in eng.)
Aubrey de Gray in Wikipedia (1 page)
Methuselah Mouse Prize in Wikipedia
Methuselah Mouse Prize - Official site
About Thomas Nystrom
What are Telomeres?


Deleting anti-aging gene actually increases lifespan

A counter intuitive study done finds that deleting one of the main genes known for an increase in life expectency, actually increases the known lifespan of an organism exponentially. I can't wait until they make pills of this stuff!

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The Mathematical Magic of the Fibonacci Numbers

This page looks at some patterns in the Fibonacci numbers themselves, from the digits in the numbers to their factors and multiples and which are prime numbers.

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New piracy out Pirate Bay!

"The International Federation for the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) said it was launching 2,100 legal cases and extending the action to five new countries in Europe, Asia and, for the first time, South America. It said file-sharers in Sweden, Switzerland, Argentina, Hong Kong and Singapore faced prosecution for the first time."

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Is Gravity Leaking From Our Universe?

A mysterious force is ripping through physics and astronomy departments these days. It has splintered long-cherished theories and has caused otherwise rational scientists to latch onto a weird and ugly notion.

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Track your children and their vital signs with GPS

KinderGUARD is a combination of GPS, bio-metrics (monitoring of bio-signs), and the software capability to define and establish behavioural rule parameters - all combining to achieve an unrivalled personal security solution.

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Forskare: musikförsäljningen påverkas inte av fildelning

2005-11-16 07:12 En oberoende svensk forskningsrapport visar att det inte finns några enkla samband mellan fildelning och försäljning av film eller musik. Samtidigt konstateras att fildelning står för upp till hälften av trafiken i bredbandsnäten...

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Holes in a liquid

Stole this from Ars. For anyone who missed it in thier science journal, pretty darn cool, expecially the last 15 seconds of the video with the replicating holes.

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Holes in a liquid

Stole this from Ars. For anyone who missed it in thier science journal, pretty darn cool, expecially the last 15 seconds of the video with the replicating holes.

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Pandora streaming radio (dugg earlier) caches to your TEMP folder!

Start playing some tunes on Pandora Radio (, go to your temporary folder (to find out where this is on Windows, type ECHO %TEMP% in a command prompt) and look in /plugtmp. All the "access-#" files are MP3 files cached from Pandora.

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Torrent Finder

Best torrent search site, search top torrent sites from one page The Easy Way to Find Torrents

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Avid Free DV

Avid Free DV is feature-streamlined, standalone software which includes basic video and audio editing capabilities, up to two streams of real-time effects and support for both Windows XP and Macintosh OS X platforms. And its all FREE!! a perfect solution to adobe premiere.

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Anonym internetuppkoppling lockar fildelarna

Helt anonym internetaccess är på uppgång. Utvecklingen går snabbast hos mobiloperatörerna. Inom ett halvår kommer Vodafone att börja sälja kontantkortsabonnemang för internet för bärbara datorer...

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Antigravity Machine Patent Draws Physicists' Ire

On November 1 Boris Volfson of Huntington, Indiana, received U.S. Patent 6,960,975 for his design of an antigravity space vehicle.

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Man's body cured itself of HIV AIDS

Doctors are planning further tests on a British man whose body has reportedly cured itself of HIV....there is real hope for a cure now...

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Amazing FREE streaming music service reads your mind!

Enter your favorite artist and Pandora creates a playlist of music that is eerily and accurately similar. Sound quality is great and it runs inside your browser... what more can you ask for?

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Giant ancient sea creature discovered

13-foot-long 'Godzilla' a long-lost relative of crocodile, scientists say. A newfound ancient sea creature looks to be part crocodile, part T. rex, and 100 percent terrifying.

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Fighting bacteria without antibiotics

In research conducted at the Hebrew University, a method for controlling bacterial activity without antibiotics was developed. The research showed how it is possible to interfere with the communication of groups of bacteria thus enabling new ways of fighting bacterial infections as well as ways to help beneficial bacteria to multiply.

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Under Water Vortex Rings

Ever blown air rings from the bottom of a pool? This guy knows how to do them right! :D

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Sony sued over rootkits.

the Italian group ALCEI is suing Sony over the rootkitting DRM infection. Remember Sony is just protecting you from yourself!

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Man buys $2500 worth of tix to Serenity, gives them away hoping for sequel

David Child of Vancouver and his 13-year-old daughter, Alix, talked to the man after a matinee showing of the movie that's based on the defunct science fiction TV series "Firefly." "He's a big fan of 'Firefly' and wants the (box office) numbers high enough that the studio will make more of the movies," Child said the man told him.

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US scientists' new robot has 20,000 brain cells

"Scientists in US have built a robot that is operating on biological principles and without any pre-specified instruction."

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100% Free Online Multiplayer FPS with 25 Levels!

25 Levels, 5 Mutators, 9 Playable Characters, 8 weapons, 3 alternate fire modes, DM, TDM, CTF, Assault, and "Death Ball!" And as you can see from the screenshot, enough bloom lighting to blind a grown man! How much will this cost you? NOTHING.

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Who's Connected To Your PC

A Little app that gives you information about whats using your Internet connection. Works well for finding out whats using up all your bandwidth or just finding the location of a bandwidth using process. I use this tool alot and though other people could find use for it.

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Real Family Guy PODCASTS

According to the Family Guy blog, the staff of Family Guy is working on bringing us PODCASTS. Once it is up and running, the internet radio show will tell us what happens behind the scenes of our favorite show, and what is to come. You can submit questions to be answered on the podcast.
Related Link:

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Den här filmen har premiär den 25:e nov. Det är en upföljare till TV-serien Firefly. Jag vet att trailern har legat länge på nätet, men den är värd att ses igen.

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