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This has got to be the most technically advanced flashlight in existance. It can take still images, 60 minutes of high resolution video and/or audio. It also has nightvision. Just switch over to infrared illumination. Check it out! :)

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Amazing Photo Rebuilding - Photoshop Move Over!

Wow! I came across this site via a blog entry. Check out the image inpainting section. Subtitles almost in-detectably removed. Cages removed and subject behind is rebuilt. This is incredible software. No Photoshop Used.

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Google Censorship: Tiananmen Square from Google China Image Search

Just what the title says, look at the difference between google image search for china and for the united states.

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Scientists create "Optical Matter", Particles bound only by Light

UK Scientistshave made 2D arrays of particles, held together by nothing except light. The "optical matter" arrays consist of polystyrene nanospheres that are trapped by light that has been scattered off a prism. The arrays provide a new way of assembling matter on the nanoscale

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Forget spark plugs, start your car with nanotubes

The accidental discovery that carbon nanotubes can be set alight with just a bright light could lead to better ways of igniting car and rocket fuel...

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The Clothed KamaSutra

A Flickr photoset that is both inspirational, informational and safe for work! ;)

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560 years through hyperspace to reach earth's twin

Astronomers have discovered the most Earth-like planet so far, close to the centre of our galaxy. It's 28,000 lightyears away, so even if we can get Burkhard Heim's hyperspace machine to work, it would take us aproximatly 560 years to get there. (see

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Evidence for String Theory?

Scientist working at a neutrino detector at the South Pole report that evidence for string theory may soon be coming. Extra dimensions predicted by string theory may affect observed numbers of certain neutrinos and this is what the scientist will be looking for.

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Nytt från Machinae Supremacy

Machinae Supremacy har släppt ytterligare ett C64 medly. Sidology 2 Trinity. 17,6 mb. :D

Great Giana Sisters
Sidology Episode 3
Sidology Episode 1
Sidology 2 Trinity

Sex Keeps You Calm

GOT some public speaking to do? Here's a tip to keep stress at bay: have sex beforehand. But make sure it's penetrative sex - the magic vanishes if you pursue other forms of sexual gratification.

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Lost is found. The best theory to date.

Most Lost theories, and there are many, are total crap, but this is by far the best and most thought out one I've seen so far.

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Awesome List of Uses of RSS & Feeds

Awesome list of alternative uses of RSS and feeds beyond headlines and blogs and such.

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Blind woman regains sight after heart attack

I had been blind 25 years. I had a heart attack, woke up, and could see. I said to my husband: 'You've got older'

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Heim's Hyperspace Theory to be Tested

Burkhard Heim began to explore the hyperdrive propulsion concept in the 1950s as a spin-off from his attempts to heal the biggest divide in physics: the rift between quantum mechanics and Einstein's general theory of relativity. Today, the US Department of Energy are reviewing an experiment to test his theories.

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In Pictures: Whale in the Thames

In a rare event, a whale has swum up the Thames River. Northern bottle-nosed whales are usually found in deep waters in the Atlantic.

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Iceland the First Country to Try Abandoning Gasoline

Iceland wants to make a full conversion and plans to modify its cars, buses and trucks to run on renewable energy � with no dependence on oil.

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984 000 000 points in A SINGLE COMBO! :D

Video of a gamer who gets 984 000 000 points in a single long combo on Tony Hawk. Good times.

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'DVD Jon' Declares Intent To Crack Next-Gen DVDs

Jon "DVD Jon" Johansen, who popularized the means to crack the CSS system protecting DVDs, has committed to launching a tool to crach the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) used in next-generation DVDs.

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Embryo removed from man's back...

"A 35-year-old tractor operator, Igor Namyatov, has undergone surgery to be relieved of what had initially been diagnosed as a tumor, but turned out to be the embryo of his unborn twin brother..."
(description taken from article)

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Bacteria in Yogurt Modified to Fight HIV Infection

Bacteria in yogurt have been modified to deliver a drug that blocks HIV infection. Research based at Brown Medical School in Rhode Island altered the genetics of the bacteria so they generate cyanovirin, a drug that has prevented HIV infection in monkeys and human cells, according to a report at

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Tap a song's rhythm on your keyboard to identify it

Try it! Let's say you have a song stuck in your head, and you don't know the name of it. Never fear! Load up our search screen, and try tapping the rhythm of the song on your space bar.

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Albert Pacino passes 800!

An animated GIF showing a stabilized version of the infamous Bigfoot film.

The title says it all.

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OSX 10.4.3 on your PC, complete and easy installation guide

On this site you will find a complete and easy guide about how to install OSX 10.4.3 (the newest build) on your pc (Intel or AMD).

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Light fishing - Incredibly cool video!

Leave the fishing rod at home. Just bring a good flash light! This video is so cool you are not going to believe this! Watch the full 2 minutes. Fishes are just flying through the air!

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Whats Reality?

Someone while on holiday in Japan took these photographs. When they got back, they found the identical place in the Project Gotham 3 race tracks. They are shockingly similar and just highlights the large amount of work that went into making the game. Impressive eh?

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We want to visit you Geena!

The swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports that Geena Davis was an exchange student in Sandviken, Sweden back in '73. She wanted to become a movie star and said that if she succeeded she would invite her swedish hosts Rune and Karin Sundelius over to Hollywood.

They are still waiting for that invitation.

It's been four years since the (now Commander in chief) star gave them a call and I thought Hey! I could digg it! With a few diggs and a little luck maybe Geena knows one of the diggers! If you are reading this and know Geena (or IS Geena) let her know that Rune and Karin Sundelius would love to come and visit! :)


Cat borne with cyclops eye

Cy, short for Cyclops, a kitten born with only one eye and no nose, is shown in this photo provided by its owner in Redmond, Oregon. The kitten, a ragdoll breed, which died after living for one day, was one of two in the litter. Its sibling was born normal and healthy. (AP Photo/Traci Allen) (January 06, 2006)

Dead Woman Left Sitting in Front of TV for 2.5 Years

A Cincinnati woman was left in her home for 2.5 years after she died sitting in front of her TV in a recliner. She told her family not to bury her because she was "coming back."

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The sound of science - The MP3 killer?

This is not exactly new, , but interesting. Swedish inventor Lars Liljeryd woke up one morning in 1996 with a hangover and an idea that would transform the science of digital audio.

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Google Video Adds Download Support

You can now download videos on google video in the Windows/Mac, Video iPod, or Sony PSP format.

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Awesome Image Converter!

Convert any BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG image to a HTML, ASCII, or MATRIX image on the website itself! Fun to play with, trick out your photos, or use it as a quick tool for you photoshop lovers!

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Get around firewalls and blocked websites at school and work

This easy to use *virtual* browser will allow you to bypass firewalls and many other security programs at work and school. It even encrypts your traffic so your network admin does not know what your doing

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Download WikiPedia

Download WikiPedia in XML format. Yes, that's right. Download the whole darn thing.

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AllPeers Is The FireFox â??Killer Appâ??

techcrunch's take on the new firefox extension

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Holophonic Sound - Audio So Real It's Scary

You've heard the Diggnation demo of surround sound through regular headphones. Just wait until you hear true three-dimensional sound that even lets you hear above and below you!

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Let's watch Lucas Arts' Full Throttle tonight :D

It's a one hour and 3 minute long video from the game Full Throttle played from start to end, but edited to make it more watchable as a movie. Good times! ;)

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Scientists grow two new human stem cell lines in animal cell-free culture

Scientists working at the WiCell Research Institute have developed a precisely defined stem cell culture system free of animal cells and used it to derived two new human embryonic stem cell lines. The new work helps move human stem cells a step closer to clinical reality.

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The History Of Michael Jackson's Face

Title says all.

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