Allt det där din mamma varnade dig för...


Flying a One-Winged F-15


Pistol vs. Katana


Skön kille! :)

BSG Season 3 teaser


Renaissance trailer


Star Trek vs. Star Wars


Star Wars screen tests (yeah I know it's old)

Water trap


Digg Power - Paramount Kisses Movie Blog's Back Side

Remember that story yesterday of Paramount shutting down The Movie Blog? Well it looks like Paramount has bowed to the pressure Digg Power can generate. A top Paramount exec has called the Blog owner to apologize and set things right. Good on both of them!

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Paramount and The Transformers Piss Off The Wrong Fan

The Movie Blog has been going crazy over The Transformers for almost a year giving tons of positive hype. Then, without even a request to take an image down, Paramount had them shut down for 8 hours. This pissed off the Editor of The Movie Blog a LOT. This is his open letter back to Paramount. You've got to read this.

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